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septic systems and septic tanks, drainfields and wastewater
Septic Systems and How They Work


West Wind Marketing has been selling useful products to homeowners on the internet since 1999. One of our main products is Septic Seep which you will find advertised on this web site.

The information presented here has been carefully researched and we believe it is accurate, however, if you have a problem with your septic system we strongly urge you to do your homework. Check with local septic system service companies and local health officials to learn about conditions and regulations that effect septic systems in your area.

Sources for information used on this site:

  • 1998 Pumper Magazine Article "The Role of Sodium In Soil Failure" by Mary Gayman
  • Agricultural Department of Michigan State University Newsletter
  • "The Septic System Owner's Manual" by LLoyd Kahn, Blair Allen and Julie Jones.
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