septic system failure

septic system failure
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septic system failure

Restore Failing Drainfields.
Correct sodium damage to clay soils.
Septic Seep

Septic System Failure

Failure of a septic system can be the caused by different types of problems or a combination of many. When household drains are slow or backing up, or you smell sewage odor, or there's a wet spot in the yard over the drainfield, it's time to start the investigation.

Common Causes of Septic System Failure

  • Broken or blocked pipe(s) between the house and the septic tank
  • Blocked septic tank inlet or outlet
  • Broken or blocked pipe(s) between the septic tank and the drainfield
  • Tank is filled with solids or damaged
  • High local water table from recent heavy rains
  • Drainfield soil has failed due to roots, excess solids, or hardpan conditions

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